Half Price tickets to Chessington and Sealife with Walkers 6

Just in time for the Easter Holidays Walkers are offering half price tickets to Chessington World of Adventures Resort and the 12 SEA LIFE aquariums and sanctuaries across the UK.


For 12 weeks between the 31st March and the 20th June, Walkers Baked Stars, Walkers Mighty Lights, and Walkers Baked Hoops and Crosses, will have two vouchers offering half price tickets to Chessington World of Adventures Resort and SEA LIFE on all of their multipacks of six which cost around £1.79

I really wish we lived closer to Chessington World of Adventures Resort  as the boys would love it.  There is the ZUFARI where you can Ride into Africa  and see many amazing animals and the brand new ride for 2014 , Scorpion Express, where adventures must board an old train and cross the sands, ruins of the mines and abandoned town facing surprises at every turn.   Maybe we can find some affordable accommodation  near and make a trip of it.

 We have a Sea Life center in Scarborough and the boys love visiting when we are nearby.  There are more than 12 sites over the UK and I know from experience that aquariums are a feast for the eyes for children at all ages.  We used to take the boys when they were small and the fish mesmerised them.

Oh and when you have finished eating them you can turn the crisp packets into keyrings like we did…

how to shrink crisp packers


6 thoughts on “Half Price tickets to Chessington and Sealife with Walkers

  • Beth @plasticrosaries

    We love aquariums – well, I do at least so the girls will have to inherit my love at least for a short while! None of the sealife centres are particularly close to us sadly but I do think they’re worth making a day trip.
    We occasionally buy Hoops and Crosses so I’ll keep a look out 🙂

  • Franglaise Mummy

    That’s very handy to know, we’ve got Merlin passes and are not too far from Chessington (I’m going this week in fact), but we often go with friends who end up paying full price, so this would be great for them. Thanks for the tip!

  • Genna Millar

    Some of my best memories are days out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and we took our boys to Disneyland last October. I’m always gutted that there are so few good theme parks up here in Scotland. Would love to take the kids to Chessington though!!!

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