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Half Term Highlights

Today is an teacher training day, so we are off to spend the day with Grandma, original plans had to be changed due to the weather, but we have had a fantastic half term break, the weather has been mostly kind and it has been so much fun watching the boys play together.
Our Fab day at Emma Bridgewater
Baking our best in the world oat and raisin cookies
Spending time together just chilling in the garden
Watching our veg plants grow, the warm weather has made a real difference
Having fun in the paddling pool

Good job the neighbours don’t mind the boys running around naked

Visiting Whiby with Grandma and having fish and chips from The Magpie and treats from the old fashions sweet shop.

Days out to the beach

We really had great weather for it (no it is not my windbreak)!
The boys spent more time wet than dry.

Lots of fun in the local parks was had too.

Before we had school and preschool I used to dread the half term holidays as all the things we did, the toddler groups would be cancelled, but now it is wonderful to spend quality time all together.  I can not wait for the summer holidays.  I hope you had a great time too.


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