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I really do not need any excuse to craft, but if you are looking for one it can not have escaped your attention that it is nearly Halloween.  For me it is a great reason to get making and baking with the boys and we start to decorate the Mad House with all our home made decorations from early October!  If you are looking for inspiration, then I have this super roundup for you of our Halloween crafts for kids.  These are the Halloween things that we have made over the years, so there will be something for all ages and abilities.

Halloween crafts and ideas

I love that Halloween brings out the crafters in my boys.  They seem to embrace anything to do with Halloween and Maxi has even joined in with a lot of what we have made this year.

Halloween crafts and ideas for kids

Halloween crafts for kids


  1. Pumpkin paper plate weaving
  2. Pumpkin paper plate lacing craft
  3. Vampire bite cupcakes
  4. Simple Halloween Jar Lanterns
  5. Super Simple Halloween crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers
  6. Find the ghost pictures
  7. Halloween colouring pages
  8. Clay tealight ghosts
  9. Toilet monster
  10. Halloween Jar Luminaries 
  11. Halloween cookies 
  12. Saltdough Halloween decorations 
  13. Pom pom spider
  14. Ghost paper chain
  15. Gingerbread haunted house
  16. Spider web cup cakes

I always try to make my ideas achievable and most of the things that I show you have actual been made by my boys who are 10 and 9.

Halloween crafts and bakes for kids

Do you love or hate Halloween?

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