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We love anything handmade here in the Mad House.  I think that there is nothing better than a kid made gift or a homemade card.  Kids love getting involved and being creative and as a parent, there is nothing better than receiving something made by your child and Father’s Day is no exception.  So get a little creative with these fabulous, but achievable handmade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Handmade Fathers' Day Gift Ideas

Handmade Fathers’ Day Gift Ideas

Capture Special Memories

Handmade Fathers' Day Gift Ideas

Children will love creating a special memory box for Dad. Memory boxes can be purchased from suppliers of stationary and craft materials such as  The Works and then decorated by the children. If the box has a clear panel of glass or plastic, you could even place a photo behind it of the children and Dad together. The really fun part is filling the box with things that will bring back fond memories when the children have grown up. This is a great opportunity to discuss with your child what to put in and to send them on a (possibly supervised!) hunt for things that might work well. Ideas for what to put inside include photos, tickets, children’s drawings or other small keepsakes. One of the best things about a memory box is that you can keep adding to it over the years and it’s entirely up to you what you put inside.

Hands-on Handmade

Handmade Fathers' Day Gift Ideas

Rather than spending out on an unoriginal card, why not make one that is really personal? Children can decorate the card in whatever way they like and have great fun getting messy with paint, pens or glue. One way to make it really personal is to get the children to do hand or footprints on the card with paint, perhaps writing their names beside their print. They could even draw faces on their handprints to create a family portrait! This is a lovely way to capture a memory from when the children are small and create something to treasure for years to come. It’s also an idea which is fun to do with children of all ages. Plenty of high street shops sell good quality and inexpensive card making supplies.  You can see a selection of all our Father’s Day cards here

Bake Off Challenge

Why not get the children baking in the kitchen and create a delicious treat for Dad. If he has a sweet tooth you could bake some cupcakes and maybe even spell out ‘Dad’ or ‘Daddy’ with sweets or coloured icing. If he’s more the savoury type, why not help the kids to create a delicious pizza covered with all his favourite toppings? You could even make a takeaway box with his name on it in which to present his tasty treat. Of course, a chocolate pizza covered in his favourite sweets and chocolate is also great fun to make (and share!) and no one will mind if the chefs have to ‘test’ a few of the toppings! We have a great selection of bakes here and there are plenty of recipes sites online for you to choose from or check out Pinterest which has a vast range of ideas.

Going Green

Green-fingered Dads will love this idea and it’s also fantastic for brightening up a dreary office desk. All you need is a glass container such as a vase, bowl, jar or even an old pint glass, drainage material (eg. rocks and/or sand) and plants. The easiest to care for, and some of the most suitable plants for terrariums, include cacti, air plants or sempervivums. Children can have fun placing everything into the container while learning about the importance of nature and how things grow. To make it even more fun and really personal, children can add small plastic toy dinosaurs or animals to create a mini jungle. This is a great way to remind Dad of fun times with the children when he’s busy at work. Terrarium supplies can be bought from your local garden centre.  You can also get kids to paint plant pots too.

There is nothing better than receiving a child made gift and Father's Day is no exception and we love these achievable handmade Father's Day Gift Ideas
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