Handpainted Mugs and other porcelain. 6

Another Thrifty Christmas Post inspired by Violet posy and by the Cowgirl in Wellies.
We made these for MaxiMads teachers in July to say thank you for looking after him at Preschool.
They were really simple to make, I purchased some porcelain paint from Baker Ross ages ago and it last and lasts.  we did designs based on finger prints as it is much easier for children to do them.
You paint the mug or what ever you want, we used egg cups, bread trays and cups, but also plan to do plates with hand-prints on for the grandparents and godparents.
White crockery can bee picked up very inexpensively from all of the major supermarkets and in Asda at the moment they are doing 4 mugs for 99p, which wold make this really inexpensive indeed.
Once the cups and other crockery has been painted you set the paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions in the oven and then they are even suitable for washing in a dishwasher.

I popped some different hot chocolate sachets and herbal t-bags in the cups.
Now these are very childish decorations, but if you go and take a look at The Cowgirl in Wellies post about Hand-painted Holiday Mugs, you will see how professional they can look!!

6 thoughts on “Handpainted Mugs and other porcelain.

  • Karen

    Do the paints wash off OK, they look fab, I like fingerprint paintings like these ones, so unique and to be treasured!

  • Liz@Violet Posy

    Awww how cute! That's a great present, I think Lily's grandad would love one of those mugs from her. great idea! x

  • cowgirl in wellies

    Yours are so cute. I like the fingerprint ones too. How nice of you to call mine professional!

  • TheMadHouse

    Thanks for all the lovley comments, Coegirl, your is so much more profesional and grown up!!

    Karen – Yes the paint washes off. I also keep a pack of babywipes just for this purpose, as they seem to clean anything.

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