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We all have one.  A happy place, somewhere that we feel safe and content.  Somewhere that leaves us feeling at peace.  I have a couple.  One is my “Crudy” (craft room/study) and the other is on the beach. So I want to share #myhappyplace

my happy place

The Beach

I grew up by the seaside and the sea has always been my compass.  We lived in landlocked Berkshire for over ten years and I felt all at sea, so discombobulated.  I never knew which way I was facing or directing I was going.

When we boomeranged back to the NE of England I knew that I wanted to be close to the sea.  In fact I have a sea view from my study and from Mini’s bedroom (although not for long as they are building more houses)!  We don’t actually live in walking distance to the beach, but it is a two minute drive away.

There is something about the way the waves crash on to the shore, the ever reliable ebb and flow of the tide and the way the sun and moon reflects on the sea and makes it looks different without actually changing it. I love the smell of the salty air and there is nothing better than having your breath taken away by malt vinegar on hot chips.

I always feel this is where I should be.  It is where I go to clear my head, to clarify things and give me perspective on life.

my desk, my happy place

The craft room/study

It may be the smallest room in the house, but it is filled with creativity, inspiration and joy.  It holds all of my play things and it is where I blog, work, craft and sew.

I love being cocooned in this happy place.  There is just so much potential in this room, the smallest in our home.  It is my haven, where I can come when my mind won’t stop chattering.  Making things sooths my soul, it makes me happy.

I love that I can sit and write surrounded by things that inspire me to do more and be more.

I am sure that you must have happy places and I want to know them.  So write a blog post and let me know.  Tweet me using #MyHappyPlace or even post a picture of it on Instagram using the #MyHappyPlace hashtag.

To start the ball rolling I am going to tag some bloggers who’s happy place I NEED to see and challenge them to blog about it, then get them to tag who’s happy place they would like to see.

Now as this is an old fashioned meme, no linkies involved at all.  When a blogger does their post, it would be great if they could link to bloggers who they would like to see their happy place and share the link love.  The only rule is if you do a post please link to the person who tagged you.  Feel free to use the button below if you wish too.

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30 thoughts on “#My Happy Place

  • Michelle

    Being near the sea is definitely a happy place for me too – I love the sights and sounds of the water, the sun on the horizon, the smell of the salty air.

    I can’t wait until I have a dedicated craft and creative space, at the moment it’s the corner of my bedroom!

  • Mummy of Two

    I am with you on the beach. It is such an amazing place isn’t it. I feel really lucky to have grown up near the coast and miss it so much now.

  • Lucie Aiston

    WOW that beach picture is stunning! I love being sat at my computer when I have the house to myself or driving in my car with my tunes blaring!

  • Angela Spicer

    I need a room like yours. I use the dining room but share it with the washing on wet days and 6yo’s craft area which is usually very messy

  • Louisa

    I love it at the beach too, just sitting listening to the crash of the waves, there’s nothing better. I have serious ‘crudy’ envy. I would love a space of my own x

  • Globalmouse

    What a beautiful beach – that is a gorgeous picture and makes me long to be by the sea right now. There’s nothing better to blow the cobwebs away is there?

  • Julie

    Lovely idea Jen. I think woods are my special happy place -perhaps, like you, it comes from my childhood. Our garden was surrounded by woods and that is where I spent most of my time playing. And I ended up choosing to work in them too! Juliex

  • Karen Jones

    Oh just arrived home and saw this (I have a proper job these days you know).
    Thanks for the tag lovely Jen, I will give it some thought and certainly join in.
    Love your craft room, wish we had space for one and I’m def with you on the seaside thing !
    Hugs lovely xxx

  • Jada Lewendon

    Absolutely stunning picture of the beach – mainly the sea I know! My Mum relocated to Bude (Cornwall) last year after spending her whole life in Berkshire, I want to follow her so badly, but I am not sure of leaving the city life I know so well x

  • Gillian

    What a great post, Jen.

    I grew up by the sea and know exactly what you mean about the way it makes you feel, the way it centres and roots you. That photo is just gorgeous!

    And your craft room/study – what a happy little space. I love the way you’ve personalised it and made it yours. Love those white shelves above your desk too. x

  • Kirsty

    The beach is a great place to order your thoughts and I also find that woodland has a calming effect on me. Love your craft and study too x

  • Joanne Mallon (@joannemallon)

    Great idea for a post, can’t wait to read more on this theme. I am always very thankful to live close to the beach. There’s something very calming about it, and I love turning a corner to see the sea at the end of the street.

  • Helen Dickinson

    It is always great to find a place where you can relax and be just you. I always find time near the sea helps me relax, lets me be me and brings out a lot of happy memories. x

  • Lori

    What a lovely theme, I also grew up by the sea and always find my way back there when thinking of my happy place. Can’t wait to see the rest of the posts. x

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