Heart bookmarks 33

We are big readers in The Mad House and love books.  So when Bostik invited us to be part of their craft club and come up with something with a selection of craft things they sent us we decided to make heart bookmarks in celebration of reading and valentines.

Simple glued Bookmark


card book mark

This bookmark is super easy for children to make.


    1. Card
    2. Decorative paper
    3. Heart stencils (we printed out hearts about 3 inch and then 2 inch in size)
    4. Glue – we used Bostik All Purpose Glu & Fix Clear Extra Strong Glue


  1. Cut out the larger heart in the car and the smaller one in decorative paper (or you could use one of your children drawings)
  2. Place the smaller heart on the large one and glue the top two thirds of the hearts together, leaving an opening for page marking.


Felt bookmark

felt heart book mark

Felt is a great fabric for teaching children to sew as it doesn’t fray.


    1. Felt
    2. Heart template
    3. Scissors
    4. Thread (we used silver)
    5. Needle
    6. Embellishments
    7. Glue – we used Bostik All Purpose Glu & Fix Clear Extra Strong Glue


  1. We decided to use the three inch template from our previous bookmark and with a soft pencil drew around it on to the felt and cut out two hearts.
  2. Then placed the right sides of the fabric our (our felt was more glittery on one side.
  3. Thread the needle and tie a know in the end of the thread to prevent it coming through the felt.
  4. We stitched the sides from around two thirds down in a running stitch.
  5. The boys then went though my buttons and embellishments until they found what they wanted (A large white snowflake) and they stuck it on the felt.

hearts collage


heart bookmarks for valentines day