Heart Jar Luminaries – A simple kids valentines craft 11

How beautiful are these heart jar luminaries?  February is a dark month here in the UK, so anything that can add a little joy or light is a great thing in my book.  These heart jar luminaries are an inexpensive way to brighten up the month and a simple kids craft perfect for valentine’s day.   Plus they are a super way to use up any glass jars that you have.

Heart Jar Luminaries

We use these for battery tea lights when the kids are about, but when they are in bed I have no issues in using standard tealights.  Obviously as a parent it is your decision to make, but battery tea lights are the inexpensive and safe option where young children are involved.

How to make Heart Jar Luminaries


Heart Jar Luminaries


Heart Jar Luminaries

You can use any glass jar for your luminaries, but if you are using bigger confetti or sequins then straight sides make it easy for the kids to glue them on.  I tend to remove the sticky gunk left by labels on jars using a citrus essential oil.  Try it, it works like magic.  We also like to use a think PVA glue, the sequins stick much better to it and as it dries clear it doesnt matter.   Work on part of the jar adding the glue and then the sequins before moving on to the next.

Heart Jar Luminaries

It helps to have a surface that you don’t mind that glue goes on.  PVA does come off easily though.  Mini added the sequins randomly round the jar.  He added the larger ones first.

Heart Jar Luminaries

He then moved on to the small hearts.  My tip is to decant the sequins/confetti into a container.  We used a small paint pallet.

Heart Jar Luminaries

We then covered the tread on the jar with some coordinating ribbon using the same PVA glue before trimming the ribbon to fit.

Heart Jar Luminaries – A simple kids valentines craft

Does it look stunning and that is during the day.  These heart jar luminaries come in to their own at night when you have the candle inside them.  The shadows and sparkles are just beautiful.  Imagine them as the centerpiece to a romantic dinner.

Heart Jar Luminaries - A simple kids valentines craft

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