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Heart shaped paper chains – 5 minute craft

Heart shaped paper chains are one of those activities that kids will get totally immersed in. Sometimes you need a simple craft that will only take five minutes or so and heart shape paper chains are one of those crafts.  It is mess free, simple and perfect for kids of all ages.

How to make heart shaped paper chains

How to make Heart shaped paper chains

These paper heart chains are fun and easy to make, and they're a cute way to add a bit of festive Valentine's charm to your home!

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  • Paper – we used fab two sided wrapping paper
  • Paper cutter
  • stapler

Watch the Video: How to make Heart shaped paper chains

I am a fan of crafts that we can sit together as a family and do and this reminds me of sitting making lick and stick paper chains with my family as a child at Christmas.  Also this is a mess free craft, which is always good!

heart shaped paper chains 3

How to make paper chains that are heart shaped:

I pinned this a while ago and have been waiting for valentines to come to do it with the kids.  It is amazing how just two things can make this heart shaped paper chain garland and it looks amazing, it kind of blew the boys’ mind.

First of the boys cut strips of paper (we cut to 7 inch by 1 inch)

paper chain paper

Then fold the paper in half.  We wanted the hearts on the outside , so we had to make sure that they were on the inside (all will become clear in the end).

heart shaped paper chains a

Place two pieces of the folded paper together and staple.

heart shaped paper chains 2

Pull down the loose ends and then add another folded piece of paper and staple.  Just make sure you don’t make your chains too long or you lose the lovely heart shapes.

heart shaped paper chains 4

This looks just as wonderful with plain or painted paper, it just so happens that we had some fab double-sided wrapping paper.  Just take a look at this fab interpretation from Art Bar.

This sweet and simple heart-shaped paper chain is perfect for Valentine's Day, mostly because it's made with items you likely have hanging around the house.

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