Hell in a handcart

I guess this morning is just the start of one of those day that you wish hadn’t started. I guess the night wasn’t that great either.

The Youngest MiniMad didn’t settle at all and ended up sleeping in our bed, which meant that I had hardly any sleep. The eldest MiniMad had one of his very rare accidents (he has a chest infection and all the that coughing can not help). I spilt my cup of tea all over my bed.

Came down to put the first load of washing in to find The Cooking Fat had had two accidents during the night too.

Now the thing is Thursday are not the most favorite of my days. It is food shopping in the morning with my mum and the boys at Aldi and then I have a regular appointment on the afternoon and it is always so stressful. Today even more so, as I need to get sheets and Duvets for the youngest’s new big boy bed which arrives tomorrow morning (hopefully).

Also I have had a falling out with a friend, which is really hard as I don’t make friends lightly or easily and only have a few really close friends. I am trying to make amends, but she is not taking calls or answering e-mails and with two children I can not just drop everything and visit.

So I need to take a chill pill, relax a little and try to centre myself and finnish drawing out the shopping lists for the boys.