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Way back in the dark ages when I became pregnant I remember being excited about getting a baby bag and then the reality set in.  I would be carrying this damn bag around for what turned out to be nearly three years until my darling children got out of nappies.
design a baby bag

I didn’t want just one bag, I wanted lots of bags, I wanted them to go with what I was wearing, not necessarily the pram!  It turns out someone was listening to me and Cooper & Hill are in the process of designing a wonderful bag for mums. But more than that they realise that us Mum’s want to be able to mix and match, so this is an insert bag that fits inside an average tote bag – whoop!

Help design a baby bag


I am delighted to be working with Cooper & Hill designing their newest bag and what more, you can be involved too.  Yes we want to know your thoughts and opinions.  We would love to have your feedback on the three designs below:

Bag One – Sophisticated Mum 1


Baby1-1 Baby1-2 Baby1-3


Bag Two – Sophisticated Mum 2


Baby1-5 Baby1-6

Bag Three – Sophisticated Mum 3


Baby1-7 Baby1-8 Baby1-9

So talk to me

  1. Which bag do you prefer and why?

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  1. What colour is your favorite?

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Keep your eyes open as I will be back on Thursday with names to choose from and when this bag is manufactured next month, I will have a giveaway so you can win your own.