HELP – How do I get my seven year old to keep his room tidy? 26


This was tidy 1 hour before I took this picture! 

Help, MiniMad’s bedroom resembles a bomb site

I am in need of some help and advice people of the interweb.  Mini Mad’s has an issue with keeping his bedroom tidy and I have to admit I am finding it exceedingly hard to deal with.

Maxi is a rather neat child and his room is kept pretty much in order and all I ever need to do is give it a quick hoover and dust and maybe put a few things away every now and then.  He even makes his bed on a morning.

Mini, on the other hand doesn’t seem to do anything other than make his room a mess.

We have tried to make sure that he has sufficient storage and have even considered a single bed with storage too.  He has two book cases, but his books are always on the floor.  He has a desk, but his pens are always on the floor with his notebooks. He has two clothes rails in his wardrobe that he can reach, but his clothes are always on the floor. He has shelves and a storage basket for his teddies, but does he use them?  I even gave him a basket for his shoes, but no, they end up everywhere on the floor.

We know that his room could do with an update, but I am loathed to decorate again, at least until he has some respect for his belongings and room.

Today I went in to find he hadn’t even bothered to open his blind, make his bed or remove his water bottles for the last three days.

I feel like I am sharing my home with a teenager not a seven year old.

So, people of experience, please can you help me.  How do I deal with this, whilst I still can.