Holidays are coming – Give a little happiness 11

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming, its always the real thing……………

You know when the Coke advert comes on that Christmas is on it’s way and now even the Coke lorry tours the country.  We have never seen it, but Cass from Diary of a Frugal Family has.

This year however, I have to say that I adore Coca Cola’s new advert, has made a big impact in The Mad House.  The mini mads are forever to be found singing “let’s make someone happy”.  Have you seen it?

With our Advent acts of kindness, it really resonated with me and with the boys too.  Christmas for us is a time to share happiness and spread joy to as many people as we can.  It is also time to have a little fun too, which is why I love the Coke Zone Make a Christmas Wish – I even make one for you (why not take a look)

coke santa letter

I recently met with Coke and Coca-Cola’s Science Manager, Fiona Angus before Blogfest and it was a really interesting morning. I learned about their new product Coca-Cola Life, which you will find in a green can, which contains Stevia (a natural sweetener made from a leaf).

I have become a big fan of Green Coke (as it is known in The Mad House) as it tastes like Red Coke (again as it is known in the mad house).  It makes me feel virtuous that it has a third less calories and no nasty artificial sweeteners (which I have issues with having had cancer).


Even better Coca-Cola are running their designated driver campaign for the seventh year running. This is their special ‘buy one, get one free’ offer on soft drinks at 12,500 pubs and bars across the country.

Find out more about Coca-Cola designated driver campaign here.

You can find out more about Coca-Cola Life and the Coca-Cola Zero Park Lives –  which I blogged about on A Thrifty Mum over the summer which is  free, family activities in local parks . Coke also have some fab tools on their site including a Work It Out Calculator which lets you see how you can burn off the calories from their various products and a Caffeine Counter to help you keep track of your intake (a real eye opener for a tea drinker like me)