The holidays are coming

It’s almost December and we appear to be rushing through the days in the countdown to Christmas. The long dark nights have the effect of making the days seem much shorter than they are, which means many of us are quite happy to hibernate after work ­– when a log-burning fire, a cup of warm mulled wine and a movie sounding like a much more sensible idea than braving the cold.

However, Christmas doesn’t happen alone and there are a number of things we need to organise prior to the big day.

Create a Christmas card list

If like many, you have a number of relatives, friends and work colleagues to send Christmas cards to this season then it’s important to create a list. Without said list, you may find that you deliver cards to the same person twice or not at all.

Buy Christmas gifts in plenty of time

The highstreet is often the busiest it is all year prior to Christmas which can mean certain products sell out extremely quickly. If you’re little loved ones have a certain special gift on their Christmas list, make sure you buy it in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

Say it with flowers

Aside from bath salts, Christmas compilations, scarves, socks and clothes, sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a great Christmas present. So why not embark on a Prestige Christmas this year and check out the brands many seasonal offers

Flowers, especially variants in rich Christmassy colours, make a great centrepiece in any room in the household. They’ll even come in handy for yours truly when it comes to decorating the home this season.

Order the turkey in advance

With everyone wishing to dine on turkey this Christmas, purchasing one in advance is a must. You can place orders at both your local butchers and your supermarket, so on your next shopping trip make this your first port of call.

Making a list of everything you need to make Christmas day happen is a great idea, especially if you have a number of friends and family attending on the big day. If you have the time, making a Christmas cake is a fun pastime you can enjoy with the kids. Simply buy all the ingredients from your local bakery or supermarket and put it together a little while in advance.

Having your own creation on the table will certainly impress your guests.