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Home Gardening Activities to do with your Kids

Every garden tells a story, and what better way to narrate it than with the cheerful chirps of children! Home gardening has grown in popularity, providing numerous opportunities for families to bond while nurturing the earth. As you create this green oasis, the burgeoning interest in areas like the Worcester real estate market hints at how this trend can benefit homeowners, too. Here’s how you can embark on this fulfilling journey with your kids.

Activities and Benefits

According to Almanac, initiating a kid-friendly garden involves selecting larger seeds such as beans, sunflowers, squash, and nasturtiums to make it manageable for smaller hands. These fast-growing plants offer immediate rewards, ensuring that young gardeners remain intrigued. 

The early sprouts and the quick germination of these plants can also be monitored under different conditions, stimulating kids’ curiosity and promoting a more profound love for gardening.

Gardening isn’t just about planting; it’s a holistic experience. Encourage your children to create plant tags, practice watering, and, most importantly, opt for organic approaches to gardening. Equip them with child-sized tools and involve them in projects such as making stepping stones, crafting birdhouses, or setting up a playful weather station. For older kids, themed gardens, understanding seed genetics, and bug identification combine fun and learning. Schools, too, have embraced the benefits of gardening. School gardens play an instrumental role in nature education, fostering a healthy attitude towards food and offering a comprehensive video guide for establishing school gardens.

Children love being in the garden, sometimes they just need a little encouragement, so follow our Home Gardening Activities to do with your Kids

Educational Aspect 

As highlighted by Splash Learn, the educational dimension of gardening is significant. When children engage in gardening, they learn about responsibility, as nurturing a plant requires care and dedication. Furthermore, the effort put into growing food fosters an appreciation for what we eat. This hands-on botany education ignites children’s curiosity, enriching their plant knowledge. They also imbibe values of sustainability, patience, and the cyclical beauty of life.

Starting small is crucial. Engage your children in age-appropriate projects and involve them in plant selection by making nursery trips. Fruit trees like mango, banana, and peach, while requiring more space, can be an exciting introduction to the world of fruits. But while fun is paramount, safety should always come first. Always ensure that harmful chemicals are kept away from children and that protective gear is provided.

Children love being in the garden, sometimes they just need a little encouragement, so follow our Home Gardening Activities to do with your Kids

A Look at Real Estate

Amidst this green escapade, let’s consider its implications on property values. Massachusetts, particularly in areas like Worcester, has been experiencing growth in its housing market. An exciting study by Norada Real Estate Investment in 2023-2024 showcased that the Worcester real estate market predicted a growth rate from 0.5% in July ’23 to a significant 4.8% by June ’24. With homes now boasting lush gardens tailored for children, the demand in such areas will likely surge. After all, a well-maintained garden can enhance curb appeal as a significant selling point for potential buyers.

In essence, gardening is more than just a hobby; it’s an experience that combines bonding, learning, and creating lasting memories. As families cultivate their patches of green, they not only add beauty to their homes but also invest in their children’s future, teaching them invaluable life skills. And this could translate into tangible benefits in the real estate market. So, roll up your sleeves, grab a spade, and let’s grow together!