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There is something about Christmas that just inspires me and I think I have said before we do not buy the adults in our family Christmas gifts, so this year I decided to make use of my dried orange slices and make some home made christmas wreaths for my mother in law and sister in law.  make your own wreath



  • Artificial wreath (I wanted it to last year to year)
  • Dried orange slices
  • Florists wire
  • Cinnamon sticks (from the florist as they are much cheaper)
  • Florists wire
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Decorations (I used both wooden ones and also felt one too)

wreath collage

I got my smaller wreaths from Tesco for 97p and the larger ones from Hobby Craft on a three for two for £3.49 Method:

  • Firstly I dried my oranges slices  and allowed them to dry.
  • For each wreath I made five orange, ribbon and cinnamon decorations by tying a bow in the ribbon and threading some florist wire through the back, then thread the wire through the orange slice.  Using the glue gun apply a blob of glue to the rear of the orange and attach the cinnamon stick and wrap with the wire and allow to dry.
  • Then position your orange decorations on the wreath and using the wire tie them in.
  • Attach any other decorations or embellishments either with florists wire or a hot glue gun.

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