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Home made coasters

When I saw this on Kelly’s blog and Pinterest feed, I just knew that I had to have a go at making some for the new Craft room/study or Crudy as it has beecome known by the boys!

I decided to use some of the scrapbook paper that I had used on my journal calender and make one for each of the desks (mine and the boys).

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  1. Mod Podge, Kelly has a recipe for make your own on her blog, we have since used the dishwasher safe one and love it!
  2. Paper
  3. Tiles
  4. Guillotine or scissors
  5. Sealant
  6. Felt or cork
  7. Brush or foam applicator


I had a pack of plain white tiles from when we moved in to the house, which were labelled 4 inches by 4 inches, but actually measured slightly smaller.

I then cut out some of the scrapbook paper slightly smaller (abput 5mm), so I could have a white edge around the tiles and covered the tiles in Mod Podge.  This is pretty quick drying, so I applied quite a thick layer on to the tile.

I then applied the paper and layered a thin coat of Mod Podge on top using a foam applicator (that way I didn’t get crush strokes) and allowed it to dry for 20 minutes before applying a further thin coat.  In total, I applied 4 coats of glue and allowed it to dry overnight.

I then used my spay protective coat.  I bought Rust-oleum Crystal clear in Matt as I didn’t want my coaster to have a shiny finish.  I followed the instructions on the can and applied three coats in total and again allowed them to dry for 24 hours before covering the base with a square of felt.

I love them and already know who I am making the next set for.

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