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A home made dream catcher made my Mini

Mini has had a lot of upheaval in the last month at school.  His classroom flooded and he has spent the last four weeks in other classrooms before getting a semi-permanent base in a year six classroom whilst they were bused to a nearby senior school.

dream catcher

Not only did two years classrooms flood, but the library and ICT area also flooded.  The dining hall has been turned in to a storage area and the school has been unable to serve warm meals.  All this uncertainty has resulted in a very anxious Mini.  This partly shows by him being filled with bravado and the other side with issues sleeping.

So in addition to working on stopping him being a reluctant sleeper and doing things to prevent nightmares, we also made a dream catcher together.  When I say we, what I mean is I held the tape and chatted to him whist he made his own dream catcher.

We used, some wood from a plant in the garden with tape to make into a circle (ish) and then mini used rope to tie round it.  He then strung some pretty beads on to string and attached them.

Whilst he concentrated on making the dreamcatcher we talked about their history and all the things that have been worrying him.

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