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Cooking, baking, making, gardening, cleaning, well everything in TheMadHouse is a real family affair.  We tend to really enjoy doing things together.  Some may find that strange, but I love spending time with all the men in my life, including that very strange cat too.  Anyway I digress.  Remember all those green tomatoes from the garden, well some had ripened and we decided to make a sauce for pasta.
So we set too, kind of in a production line way.  MadDad and I deskinned and deseed the tomatoes.  Maxi and MiniMad strained the seeds and juice.
DadDad prepared the peppers and onions and MaxiMad chopped them.  I then cooked all the ingredients for a couple of hours and gave them a good old wiz with the hand blender.  If you are interested we used:
Fresh Tomatoes (home grown)
3 peppers
3 onions (home grown)
8 garlic cloves
handfull of basil
tomato puree
Salt and pepper to taste
I then jarred up the sauce.  Same way as I did the pear butter.
We still have a box full of tomatoes ripening, so I will need to locate some more inexpensive jars, but it is wonderful to have home made sauce, that I know what is in and that we made as a family and will eat as a family too.

3 thoughts on “Home Made Pasta Sauce

  • dottycookie

    Yuuuuum. Is that a clever chopping device that's safe for little people to use? We could do with one of those.

    The first picture is particularly adorable!

  • TheMadHouse

    Ah is it by Genius, mum got it from a charity shop, but it is great, we use it for onions and peppers. I love the fact that the boys want to help with everything we do. It takes twice as long, but at least they should grow up knowing how to do these things. MaxiMad already knows the recipe for Yorkshire Puddings off by heart!!

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