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BBQ’s are something that we love here in The Mad House.  In fact we have them as often as the weather allows over the summer and all the men of the house love burgers.  We have recently started making our own homemade burgers as they are super simple to make and you know what does into them

Homemade BBQ burgers

Tesco challenged the boys to get cooking on a portable BBQ that they sent us as part of their Flame Academy.  So we decided to share with you our homemade burger recipe.


1 small onions
500g of good quality low fat mince


Chop the onion into small pieces.   We find that keeping the root intact helps prevent us crying.

homemade burgers

Mix with the minced beef and season.

Roll into small balls and press into burger shapes.

We have a burger press, so we use that to shape our burgers.  We make them and them pop them on greaseproof paper and refrigerate them for at least 30 minutes before cooking them.  Our press was a christmas present and I can not find it online.  But here are a couple of mini burger presses, that look similar – UK link, US Link 

homemade burgers 2

Heat the barbecue to medium hot (there will be white ash over the red hot coals – about 40 mins after lighting).  and then brush a  side of each burger with oil.

homemade burgers

Place the burgers, oil-side down, on the barbecue. Cook for 5 mins until the meat is lightly charred. Don’t move them around or they may stick.

homemade burgers

Oil the other side, then turn them over.

Cook for 5 mins more for medium. charred.

homemade burgers 7

Place a burger inside each bun, then top with your choice of accompaniment.

homemade burgers



homemade burgers

Tips for cooking on the BBQ with kids

  • Never leave children unsupervised.
  • Plan ahead.  BBQ’s take some take to heat up, so make sure you allow time for this as children can be pretty impatient!
  • Make sure that the kids wash their hands after handling both cooked and uncooked food.
  • Start simple.  Toasting marshmallows and making s’mores are a fab way to introduce the concept of fire and heat.
  • Safety first – all the time.

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