Homemade Christmas Cards 8

We love making our own cards here in The Mad House, But I do realise that this might not be the same for everyone with children, but I thought I would share with you our favorite Christmas Cards that we have made.

I think that Christmas cards that the children have made are a lovely thing to give, but often they can be messy, difficult, time consuming and complicated to make.  Not these.

Masking tape
Green Paint
Sequins or stars
You start by cutting a tree shaped template in a piece of card.  The easiest way to do this is fold it in half.  You can make it as simple or fancy as you like.  I am simple lady myself.
Stick the template on to your card.  I also stick the card down to the table for minimad.
You can either use a sponge or just finger paint in the stencil (sponges are so much easier with small ones)
Watch out it can get messy – Mine wear the art smocks I made from MadDads old work shirts
Allow the cards to dry
Decorate your trees
We used sequins, small stars and glitter