Homemade gift wrap 19

We love giving gifts and every year we make our own homemade gift wrap.  We often use kraft paper or the big rolls of paper that you can get from Ikea.  However this time we decided to use a large roll of black paper we had and that our homemade gift wrap would be gold stars and trees potato printed on to it.

Homemade gift wrap

I am a big fan of potato printing for any age group.  As my boys are older, they can now make the potato stamps themselves.

Homemade gift wrap

How to make homemade potato print gift wrap

What you need:

  • A roll of drawing paper
  • A potato
  • Metal cookie cutters in a festive design – we used a stars and trees in two sizes
  • paint
  • paper plate

What you do:

Cut a potato into half and then use the cookie cutter to cut a star shape.  My boys to this by placing the cookie cutter on the counter and pushing the potato over it before turning it over and removing the cookie cutter. If your children are younger then this is something you can do yourself.  The boys made two sizes of star and trees.

Homemade gift wrap

Unroll the paper and cut into whatever lengths you like.

Homemade gift wrap

We like to use a paper plate for our paint. If you are using more than one colour then it helps to have a potato and plate for each colour.

Homemade gift wrap

Dip the potato and print!

Homemade gift wrap

We used gold poster paint on matt black paper and it looks amazing.  But the beauty of printing your own is you can use any colour you want.  Potato printing even makes new paper look beautiful.


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