Homemade Hearts for the MiniMads 8

I finished the hearts for the minimads tonight.  These are made with inspiration from Amanda Blake-Soules Handmade Home.
I made them from a baby blanket that MaxiMad was given from a dear friend (well the truth is we pinched it from her, as she had two and we liked it that much), who now is living back in her home country of South Africa.

MiniMad used the blanket too, so it has lots of meaning for both the boys and me too and it is such a lovely soft brushed cotton.
They are stuffed with scraps and dried lavender and have a pocket with a card in and a little message for each of the boys.  The cards are called a little box of big thoughts from Winstons Wish, I use them to record little things and pop them in the boys memory boxes.
I intend to give the hearts to them tomorrow, so that they have something tangible to hold whilst I am in hospital.