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Homemade Washi Tape Heart cards for Valentine’s Day

I have a real thing for washi tape as a kids craft material.  It is easy to tear (even for little hands) and looks great.  These homemade washi tape heart cards are perfect for valentines day and look great too.

washi tape valentines cards

How to make washi tape heart cards


  1. A selection of Washi tape
  2. Card
    or blank cards
  3. Scissors
  4. glue stick or glue pen
  5. Heart shaped cookie cutters or card stencil

washi tape heart cards for velentines

How to:

As the boys are getting older they are becoming more and more able to do most of the work themselves and also more competent with scissors and even craft knives.

Fold your card in half to make a card shape or take your pre folded card and using a stencil or cookie cutters mark your hearts to cut out.

Using a craft knife or very scape scissors make the initial cut in the center of the heart and then cut out the shapes.

Washi tape heart cards resist

If you have a cutting machine you can also use that (we have a Cricut Explore) and the boys are more than capable of using it top design and cut.

washi tape cards

On a price of paper lay out the washi tape.  If doesn’t have to be in strips like the boys did, you are just aiming for the area behind the cut out to be covered.

washi heart cards 1

Lay the paper covered washi under the opening.

washi tape cards 2

Using either a glue stick or glue pen outline around the cut out and place the washi covered paper behind before taping around the paper.

washi tape heart card

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