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Hot Glue Confetti numbers

Hot Glue Confetti numbers

We are busy celebrating here and we wanted to make something with the metallic confetti we had leftover from our Balloon Confetti Poppers, so we decided to make some hot glue confetti numbers.  We are using our hot glue confetti numbers window clings, but they would also look ace on skewers as a cake topper.

Hot Glue Confetti numbers

I have found that anything using a hot glue gun really appeals to my boys who are now aged nine and ten and this is no exception.  As always I would say have a bowl full of iced water to hand and make sure you supervise your children.  Plus you can use a low melt hot glue gun for younger children.

Hot Glue Confetti numbers

How to make Hot Glue Confetti numbers

Hot Glue Confetti numbers

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  • Metallic or paper confetti
  • Parchment paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Number or letter template


Print off your template for your letters of numbers.  We made ours on word and then place it underneath your parchment paper.  You should be able to see your template through it.  If you would like it bolder then trace it on to your parchment paper,

Hot Glue Confetti numbers

Trace your number on to the parchment paper with your glue gun.  Allow it to dry before adding another couple of layers of glue.

Hot Glue Confetti numbers

Then you want to add about 2 inches of glue before piling on some confetti and continuing round your number, stopping every couple of inches to add more confetti.

Hot Glue Confetti numbers

If you are using your numbers as window clings or placing them on to a wall then you can pop your glue gun away at this point.

If you want to use your numbers where you will see the back, then start adding a couple of inches of glue and quickly adding the confetti before it dries and continue until the back is covered,  This is also the time to add your skewer or cocktail stick if you are adding them to a cake.

Hot Glue Confetti numbers

Depending on how big your glitter is you might need to trip round the edges like we did.

Hot Glue Confetti numbers

Hot glue confetti numbers would make a great simple birthday cake topper, or you could do a heart for valentines day or a name, really the possibilities are endless.

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