How did we do with our 2010 resolutions? 12

I know many people would be saying blooming good riddance to 2010 and hello 2011, but in some ways that seems to be doing the year a major disservice, especially as it has been a quarter of Mini’s life to date.  So I am going to just focus on the fact the lows are what makes the highs so spectacular and also say a quiet good bye to lost loved ones.
Cuddle Mummy in the night if I get scared -Maxi
Learn to write my name – Mini
Be a footballer – Maxi
Learn to write mummy’s name – Maxi
Spend less time on the PC – Me
Dance more with a smile on my face – MadDad
Give up my dummies – Mini
Swim a length without armbands – Maxi
Go to swimming lessons – Mini
Learn to Knit – Me
Share and eat lots of chocolate – Maxi
Learn to crochet – Me
Have a weekly family games evening after dinner – all

I have to say I am pretty impressed with the things we managed.  The only ones that we didn’t are the crochet (I tried, I went on a day course and it just hasn’t gone in), the knitting and the dummy.  But hey, I am not going to worry about those at the moment!

So for 2011

The eating chocolate is still on Maxi list – Maxi
Cuddle Mummy on a morning when she wakes up – Maxi
Spend more quality time with my family once January’s out of the way – MadDad
Give up my dummy – Mini
Learn to control my temper – Mini
Be nice to each other – All
Not to shout as much – Me
To focus on me without feeling guilty – Me

I don’t believe that January is the right time for making big changes or resolutions.  Spring seems to be the natural time for bringing in the new to me.  So the more serious and thoughtful changes, goals and aims will be made around Easter time.