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How Do I Care For My Laminate Flooring?

Any mum will tell you that keeping a tidy home is no easy feat. From tackling the bathroom and kitchen to reminding kids they need to make their beds and pack away their toys, cleaning the home is a full time job.

 One area which can sometimes be overlooked in our quest to get everything spick and span is the floor. Laminates are a practical solution for the family home – but how should you care for them?


  • 1.   Sweep Daily


Sweeping your laminate floors daily will help to keep them clean and free of grit which could damage the floor. Some people choose to clean their floors by sweeping them, while other people use the hard floor attachment on the vacuum.

Whichever you use, the important thing is that the job is carried out regularly. Regular sweeping or vacuuming will mean that your floors need to be washed less often, saving you lots of time and effort.

2.   Use A Damp, Flat Mop


When you do wash your laminate floors, you don’t want to use a dripping wet mop as this will leave stains on your flooring and could potentially seep through to the floorboards underneath, causing damage and possibly rot. Therefore, when you are washing your laminate floors, use a mop that is as dry as you can get it.

3.   Pay Attention To Manufacturers Suggestions


Every laminate flooring is different and they all need to be looked after in a different way. Always follow the specific instructions you’re given carefully to ensure you don’t cause any unnecessary damage to the flooring.

4.   Trial And Error


Often with laminate floors, people ask what they should clean them with. Very often, this is trial and error and varies depending on what people like and feels cleans their floor best. Some people prefer to make up their own floor cleaning solution, although this can be risky if you don’t know what you are doing. Opting for a dedicated laminate floor cleaner instead is a great option and guarantees your floor will be cared for properly.

Caring for laminate floors doesn’t have to be a hard or lengthy job, providing that proper precautions are taken. Your floors are expensive and you’ve worked hard to be able to afford them, so you might as well look after them to the best of your ability as they will be costly to replace in the future. Not caring for floors properly can lead to permanent damage, spoiling them forever.