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How much water should teenagers Drink?

Did you know that it is Nutrition and Hydration week?  Robinsons Squash’d asked Maxi to share with you his current drinking habits and then to take the #getSquashd challenge. So Maxi will carry around Squash’d with him during this Nutrition and Hydration week to see if being able to add squash to his water at all times will help him drink more water, then share with you the results.  So before I hand over to Maxi, let’s discuss How much water teens should drink.


Maxi is really looking forward to the challenge.  After trying some of the seven fruity flavours within the Robinsons Squash’d range, as a Mum I am happy knowing that Robinsons Squash’d contains 3 calories or less per 250ml serving a nd zero sugar.

How much water should teenagers Drink?

There is so much information about how much water young children and adults should drink, but finding out about how much water teenagers should drink is harder.

The British Nutrition Foundation recommends about 8-10 glasses each day and a glass being 150ml.

The European Food Safety Authority recommends between 1.5 and 2 litres of water each day.

The NHS recommends 6 to 8 cups of water a day (but I couldn’t find specific information for teenagers).

Parents of tweens and teens will know that you can not make them do anything that they do not want to, it is all about empowering them with the right information to make the correct choices and in my case refusing to buy certain drinks and hope that they are not using their own money to buy them!

How much water should teenagers Drink?

So I am going to hand over to Maxi to talk to you about what he drinks on an average week.

Hi Everyone, I am Maxi.  Mum and Robinsons Squash’d asked me to record what I drink on a normal week and to share it with you.  I was suprised to find out that overall I drink quite a lot of liquid, although not all of it is water.

I think I am a pretty active person. I play a lot of sport and I play every break and lunch time at school as well as being in a football team. I wake up early in the morning and go to bed at around 8.30 to 9pm and sleep really well.

When I get up I have a mug of hot chocolate and then I have milk or apple juice with breakfast. If I am having cereal with milk then it will be apple juice and with everything else I have milk.  Then I have to get the bus to school, so I top up my water bottle.  I tend to top up my water bottle once a day at school.  I did buy bottled water at school, until Mum checked what I was buying and told me off!

When I get home from school I often have a cup of decaf tea with mum and my brother and a glass of squash.  We have water with dinner or if we have been good then we get sodastream or apple presse.

Mum keeps bottles with water in the fridge for us to drink.  I like water when it is cold. Then before bed I have either water, milk or a hot chocolate.

On the days when I have football and training I am allowed a sports drink to take with me, but I also take a bottle of water too.

If we eat out or go to the cinema then I am allowed a fizzy drink, but mum is really strict and we are only allowed one not bottomless drinks. Mum also buys us a bottle of pop each week, I make sure mine lasts, but Mini drinks all of his in one day!

I was pleasantly surprised with how much he drank, but do worry that he isn’t drinking enough at school.  Also if he ever complains of a headache then I make sure he drinks a glass of water, as I find that often gets rid of it and it is down to him not drinking enough.  I try to make it easy for them to make good choices, I always have water in the fridge and refill their school water bottles each night and remind them to take them each day.

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How much water should teenagers Drink?

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