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How to Choose a Great Wooden Carport

The average car in the UK costs between £12,000 to £28,000. In addition, a vehicle costs a considerable amount of money to run, as it requires routine maintenance, vehicle tax, insurance, and fuel. Despite the considerable expense, many homeowners leave their vehicles vulnerable to arduous elements, such as intense sun rays, snow, and hail stones. As a result, a car is more likely to succumb to gradual fading or sustain scratches or damage. Yet, a wooden carport could provide an ideal solution to the above issues and may even protect your vehicle from a neighbour’s ball, bird droppings, or other objects. If this sounds ideal for your needs, find out how to choose a great wooden carport for your property. 

Standalone vs Attached Designs 

Various designs are available to match your property, preference, and budget. A standalone carport is a popular option, as it is a timber structure away from your home, shed, or another building. Rather than using a property as a support, the canopy rests on its posts. It’s an ideal option for those looking to install a carport in their garden, as it is a flexible design you could use to store your car. It could even serve as a stylish pergola or a shelter for an outdoor kitchen or bar.  

Alternatively, you could attach a carport to a durable property, such as an exterior wall. It’s a clever way to provide a vehicle with shelter in a small space, such as the side of your home. If unsure about the best option for your property, you can learn more in Browse the various designs available to choose the best carport for your exterior needs and budget. 

Single vs Multiple Cars 

Before investing in a wooden carport, you must select the correct size for your specific needs. If you need to shelter one car, a single carport may suffice. However, if you own more than one vehicle, you must identify the correct carport size to match your requirements. Don’t forget to take the height and width of a vehicle into consideration, especially if you are storing a motorhome or a truck. 

Regular vs Boxed 

The wooden carport design you choose could complement or detract from your property’s exterior design. Fortunately, you can take your pick from various styles to ensure a carport works in harmony with your home and garden. A regular carport is a popular option due to its circular roof. It’s a wise choice for those looking for a simple structure to protect their vehicles from rain, snow, hail, and bird droppings. Also, it’s often the most affordable design due to its basic design. Alternatively, you can introduce a boxed wooden carport that features horizontal roof panels and an A-frame roof. It is a stylish design that can add elegance and texture to your garden while sheltering one or more vehicles. 

Never rush in when buying a wooden carport, as there are many factors to consider to select the right design for your vehicle(s), exterior, and finances. Consider the above advice during the buying process to make the correct decision for your needs.