How to clean a house – A mum knows best 2

Cleaning the house is a basic skill. Everybody throws out the trash, sweeps the floor, and washes the laundry. But great mums know that cleaning the house is an art and a science! Cleanliness is akin to orderliness; if you want to clean your house, it makes sense to have a plan.

Clean the dirtiest room first. Although it seems sensible to prioritize the cleanest room before the dirtier ones, think twice. The dust from the dirtiest areas of your home will float in the air, making the clean rooms dirty once again! Clean from the dirtiest to the cleanest rooms and you won’t have to worry about cleaning rooms a second time.
Clean your house from top to bottom. Many women prefer to clean the floors before they dust the cupboards. That’s a rookie mistake as the dust often falls to the floor after dusting. Go from top to bottom and save yourself the trouble.
Don’t hesitate to delegate small errands to the rest of the family. Hey, you’re a mother, not a slave! Besides, great moms are also great managers. Get the rest of your family to pitch in; reward them with a fun day outdoors or a homemade snack.
Make a list of things to do before you start cleaning the house. You may have that list in your head already, but it helps to write it down. You get a sense of accomplishment whenever you tick off an item.
Learning how to clean the house means realizing how fun it can be. With your kids and husband pitching in, you don’t have to break your back while cleaning the house! But if you’re looking for a little help from a professional equipment, hire and rent on erento. Good luck!