How to decorate an Easter Bonnet 6

Yet another craft that I have left to the boys, with no intervention from me, well apart from holding the glue.  We used hats from the works, which were only 99p, along with some mini chicks, ribbon and stickers that I had picked up on my travels reduced last year to less that 50p each.  We also had some sticky bunnies from the Dotcomgiftshop too.

The boys chose what they wanted and where they wanted it stuck and will be parading their bonnets at the social club on Easter Monday like last year.


They also had a great time making some Easter chicks which we had also been sent.  They looked at the image on the box and managed to make them all themselves.  I love the fact that they are getting older and want to do their own thing and all I need now is an Easter tree to hang them on.

Do you make Easter bonnets with your children?