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How to decorate an Easter Egg. Let’s not take it to the eggstream

Oh yes, Easter time, time for decorating eggs and Easter bonnets.  This year I have taken a very hands off approach to the whole mummy helping thing and left my boys to it.  Partly out of the fact that I am just not motivated enough to get my backside in to school and help, partly as I am missing mum and partly as I want my children top be proud of the things they do on their own.

So let me introduce you to my boys eggs, first we have a mini super hero and then we have a Indian egg.  all done by the fair hands of my children without any help, inspiration or even better interference from me.  I think they are fantastic.


So parents, STOP IT………..  This is not about having the perfect egg, the best decorated or anything like that, this is about your children doing something.  So sit on your hands and let them do it ON THEIR OWN.

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