How to get your children to help with product reviews, just give them vorticity vacuum 5

We have wood floors downstairs and cream carpet on the stairs and upstairs (yes silly mistake, but the house came with cream carpets, we replaced them with wood downstairs).  Now up until recently this had always been an issue for me when it came to vacuuming the floor.  I had an upright hoover and it was a nightmare, it didn’t pick up the crumbs or dust bunnies and I ended up sweeping everywhere or getting the boys to sweep everywhere.

Not any longer thanks to the Morphy RichardsVorticity vacuum cleaner.  This is a revolutionary and I don’t say that lightly, vacuum cleaner, which I have discovered makes vacuuming hard floors as easy as carpeted ones and whats more it has lots of clever touches that make it a dream to use and even better the boys both love using it, so I no longer have to vacuum – hey I am all up for teaching my boys how to clean and look after a house, I want them to be a real catch someday.

So why is the Vorticity vacuum cleaner so good.  Well I could tell you all about the unique head with 22 mini vacuums, but I think it is much better that you head to the web page for that information!


  • It is great on hard and soft floors, you don’t need to change the head
  • It is bagless
  • One touch emptying, which is great as long as you touch the right button
  • Extra long cord (seven metres), means I can get from one end of the house to the other without changing the plug point I use
  • Hepa filtration, which is great for any hay fever or asthma sufferers
  • The tube and head are ergonomic and can be adjusted to suit various heights of people and extended easily, which for me means it is easy for the boys to use, but that I can also reach the cobwebs in the conservatory without having to get the steps out
  • Inbuilt tool storage, so I never need to lose a tool
  • 5 year guarantee


  • It is a pull along, but this is only a con if you are used to an upright as it takes more storage space
  • If you press the empty button without first removing the canister then you can make quite a mess, yes I am a numpty

A vacuum cleaner doesn’t come cheap nowadays and needs to be an informed and considered decision and the vorticity that we were provided with can be purchased for £91.99 on Amazon.  At that price is is a super buy and I have to say that we are really pleased with it,not just for round the house, but for cleaning out the skips, erm I mean cars!

Review from free sample