How to Help Your Kids Find their Own Fashion Style   

 Aside from instilling the right values in your children, it is also important that you help them find their unique personal style. Yes, it’s true that having a pleasant attitude and respecting others can win you, friends. However, it won’t hurt if they also look good on the outside too. First impressions leave a big mark on people, so it’s important that they look their best when going out.

How to Help Your Kids Find their Own Fashion Style mini

Helping them find their style is not just about buying every piece of clothing that they find in the department store. Sometimes, it’s also about teaching them how to be resourceful and immersing them into the colourful and fun world of fashion. In addition, it’s not about teaching them how to be vain, but rather, it’s more about learning to express their personality in a more creative manner. In this article, we’ll discuss simple but effective ways for bringing out the inner fashionista in your kids.

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  1. Let them dress themselves up

It may sound like a simple task, but letting them don their own Barbour jacket and shirt will give them a sense of confidence and accomplishment that’ll last for a long time. In addition, this can also improve their motor skills. To make it easier for them, choose stylish apparel that’s easy to wear. Let them play dress up and be creative with securing their capes or tying their shoelaces.  Mini has always loved dressing up!

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  1. Talk about style

You can always take them to nearby fashion shows, and you can also discuss the different trends in fashion. Show them some popular clothes and shoe brands and see what they like. Explain the importance of having stylish, but also functional footwear, such as Air Max 1, which features a strap that helps to keep it secure on the foot, preventing it from slipping off during active play. It is a great choice for kids who need reliable, comfortable shoes. My mum was a seamstress and she always taught me that you should always be stylish and not fashionable. I also encourage my boys to find their own style even when it comes to school.

  1. Teach them to be resourceful

You can look chic and beautiful, even if you are not wearing any designer brands. Do they have any worn-out jeans? Maybe you can give it new life by turning it into cutoff denim shorts? A plain sweater bought from the boot sale can be upcycled and turned into something chic. Instead of buying ready-to-wear accessories, create your own pendants, necklaces, and bracelets! My boys love personalising their own clothes.

How to Help Your Kids Find their Own Fashion Style   

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