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How to Help your Teens through Exams

How to Help your Teens through Exams is a collaborative post with Trespass. Exam season can be tough on kids and parents in normal situations, add in a year like this and woah it can be a real challenge to help your teens through Exams season, especially when you have teachers and school informing them just how essential both their mocks and finals are.

However, as a parent, there is a lot that you can do to support them and aid them. But you can not do the exams for them as much as you would like to and trust me they really don’t want to know about YOUR experience as in their eyes you are a dinosaur and they would rather take advice from dog!

Also, bite your tongue about how you perceive their work ethic. This is their responsibility.

How cool does Maxi look in his new Hooded Down Jacket from Trespass (well I need to keep home warm over the winter and the extra hours at school)! The boys have had Trespass coats since they started Senior School, they wash and wear really well. and they pass the teen approval test.

Exam season can be tough on kids and parents, so we share tips to help your teens teens through Exams season

So what can you do to help your teens through their Exams?

Be there

With all the disruption that there has been to your child’s education this year, just being there for them is important. My eldest who is in his final year of Senior school has had to make up lessons lost during lockdown. So being there to collect him for after school lessons has really helped him as he missed the school bus.

Listen to them

I am a firm believer in listen to the small stuff and they may one day tell you the big stuff. Often the car journeys or cooking prep time are when my sons share their concerns and worries.

Reassure them

Do tell them whatever the result or mark you get in this exam, it does NOT measure your worth as a person and keep telling them that you will love them and help them no matter what the results are. They are “enough” regardless of what they do or what they achieve.

Reward effort rather than results. We have always told our children that their attitude and effort are what is important to us. Those are the things we reward not the achievements. This is something we have reinforced since they were small. After parents evenings we always rewarded their effort grades.

Provide them with the tools

Make sure they have the exam guides, pens, pencils and everything else they need. Nothing like finding out they need a clear pencil case at 9pm the night before the first exam.

Do they need coloured index cards, binder rings, a wall calendar to help them plan their revision?

Make them get Exercise and take a break

I have always said that my boys are like dogs, they need lots of exercise and food. Headspace and a break from the books is essential on a daily basis. So encourage they go for a walk, spend time doing their sport or a daily run.

Ensure they Eat Well

This is something proactive you can do as a parent and by ensuring your child eats well and stays hydrated you are making a positive contribution. Lots of healthy snacks and water will aid their concentration. Keeping their meals on schedule will help them get the right nutrients and help keep any illnesses at bay.

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Exam season can be tough on kids and parents, so we share tips to help your teens teens through Exams season

Ultimately as parents, we need to understand that we can provide the best environment for our children, however, it is up to them to want to revise and do well and we can try to keep them motivated, but don’t add to external pressures by placing too high expectations on them. Childline says many children who contact them feel that most pressure at exam time comes from their family