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I am all for living smarter.  Anything that can save me time, money or allow me to make my life easier is a winner for me.  For me, smart living means making the most of my time, money and home, allowing me to have a more meaningful life.  Yes, that might sound deep, but in reality, it is just about living wisely and understanding my priorities.

How to live smarter

I think that I am a really lucky lady.  I have two amazing boys and a supportive husband who has been by my side for the last 22 years.  I have learned to look for the joy in every day and to celebrate the small stuff, but trust me I haven’t always been such a positive person.  However, in spite or maybe because of my experiences I have been practicing living smarter for the last seven or so years.

How I live smarter:

The art of smarter living

It really will change from person to person, but for me, it is about a flexible work environment that allows me to focus on my family where and when they need me.  Being a freelancer allows me to take time out when I need to not just for the kids, but also for me.

Meal planning – I am almost evangelical about meal planning.  It saves me money, saves on food wastage, saves on thinking about what to cook each evening, gives a routine to the kids, enables us to make family decisions about food and I swear by it.

Acceptance – It has taken quite a long time to realize to have the grace to accept the things I can not change.  But that doesn’t mean that I am ambivalent about them.  It means that I accept I can not change some things, but I can change the way I think about them.  I have learned to move the focus from the immovable and worrying about it, instead, I spend that energy changing my attitude.  Now that is heavy!

Mediation – I used to meditate a lot when I first had my mastectomy, but kind of lost my way.  I recently started again and noticed the difference pretty much immediately.  Taking ten minutes each morning to focus my mind makes the whole day more manageable.

Delegate – They say that two heads are better than one and that is the case in my house.  Many hands make light work and we work as a family for the good of the family.  However, I also outsource things that make life simpler for me, especially when it is affordable for me to do so.  So 2015 saw the introduction of an ironing lady, who irons faster and better than I ever did.

How to Live Smarter:

Do you live smart?  What would be your biggest tip for smarter living?

How to Live Smarter. Find out how to achieve zen in your life with organisation tips, life hacks and a touch of acceptance. How to live smarter not harder in simple easy to follow steps. Number two really made an amazing difference to my life.


10 thoughts on “How to live smarter

  • Emma

    I read down your list and nodded in agreement at everyone, we seem to have a very similar philosophy about life. I think I’d add one more thing and that’s to forgive yourself because for me that’s a huge obstacle.

  • liz Burton

    Interesting read Jen.

    I want to try and find a meditation technique that works for me and allows me to deal with the constant chatter of thoughts in my head!

  • Phoebe @ lou messugo

    You have such a great attitude and outlook on life. I would love to feel so in control, plan meals and accept more things I can’t change but I find I get so distracted, live day to day and get very opinionated and “high horsey” (?) about things that I just can’t accept!

  • Carole at Healthier Mummy

    Totally right re meal planning – I’ve just let it slide. I would also add Amazon Prime membership. It’s saved me for many a birthday party present. Also getting up before the kids in the morning – gives me headspace and time to sort myself out for work

  • Emma

    I completely agree with the meal planning tip. It’s a necessity here where the shops aren’t as diverse as ours at home. It’s a real headache! I love your meditating tip too. Must start…

  • angela hamilton

    Acceptance is such a massive part of being able to live a happier life. It took me the best part of a year, and finally the real diagnosis, for me to accept my health condition and move on. My life has changed since then and I am almost back to my old self x

  • Cass@frugalfamily

    As you know, I’m pretty laid back naturally but I do like to have a plan.

    Lists are my way of smarter living – they help me stay organised and then I feel better because I’m in control.

  • Orli

    I totally agree with everything you wrote (though I do have to shamefully admit that meal planning is something we should try harder at). For me live smartly is mostly about acceptance and stress management, my two things to work on this year 🙂

  • Sonia

    Totally agree about meal planning, I am military about it as I hate waste and if I have not planned I will often be naughty and order take aways.

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