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How to make a DIY Believe Christmas Plaque

DIY Believe Christmas Plaque is a paid collaborative post with Bostik. I adore Christmas and I love creating so it goes without saying that I love to fill my home with seasonal pieces that have meaning. This Believe Christmas Plaque came about to remind my boys’ that as long as we believe in Christmas the magic will always be there.

Last year was the first year that both of my boys’ didn’t believe in Father Christmas and we had to have that conversation.  You know the one I mean, that not believing in the big man doesn’t mean that you stop believing in the magic of Christmas. In fact, their job becomes even more important as they now have the responsibility to help keep the magic alive for younger children too.

How to make a DIY Believe Christmas Plaque. Make a customised, unique piece of festive wall decor for your home this Christmas.

DIY Believe Christmas Plaque


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How to make a DIY Believe Christmas Plaque

This super simple Believe Plaque is a perfect make to add to your Christmas decor, plus you can make it traditional or contemporary in style by changing the style of paper that you use. Or if you are one of those people that changes their colour and decorations each year you can make a new one to match annually!

I designed the template on my Cricut machine so you don’t have to. You also don’t have to have a cutting machine as you can print our the letters and tree on a printer and use them as templates to cut out your festive scrapbook card.

Now if you are using the ribba frame from Ikea the background is a card colour and I wanted my tree to be that colour, so used a scrap of white woodgrain wallpaper to cover it.  I secured it at the read with masking tape.

Then you need to plan your layout. I find it easiest to start at the centre and then work outward. So start with the tree.

Blu Tack foam pads are perfect for adding depth to your plaque by lifting the letters up off the wallpaper slightly.

I love using them as they are tiny but powerful!

Once you have stuck down all your letters then it is time to place it in the frame.

It’s hard to photograph it without getting my reflection in the glass!

Believe Christmas Wall Decor. Make a beautiful festive wall plaque with our step by step DIy craft tutorial.

Download your free Believe Plaque Template