How to make a Smallfoot Ornament 21

How to make a Smallfoot ornament is a paid collaborative post with Warner Brothers. Have you heard of Smallfoot yet? Well, be prepared for all things Smallfoot as it avalanched into UK cinemas on 12th October 2018.  It is an animated adventure for all ages, with original music and an all-star cast, Smallfoot, turns the Bigfoot legend upside down when a bright young Yeti finds something he thought didn’t exist—a human. We are all really excited to see it here in The Mad House, even Maxi as he is a big fan of James Cordon.

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So to celebrate the UK release of Smallfoot The Movie we decided to make our own yeti decorations – yep a whole flurry of yeti (which is what we decided as a family the collective noun should be).

How fabulous are these Smallfoot ornaments? I foresee every home having a tree full of them this festive season.

Make a Smallfoot Ornament


How to make a Smallfoot Ornament

Don’t worry if you can not find white ornaments you can always use clear ones and make them all white and glittery, I am going to show you how to do that in another post and it is much easier than you think and a lot of fun, however, using these matt white ornaments is much easier to draw on, especially for children which is also why we prefer to use chalk pens.

Tip: Balls are really hard to decorate as they move about so we use a roll of tape to balance the ball on to decorate. 

When using the chalk pen leave it to dry before moving on to the next stage.  First, add a mouth before adding googly eyes and then eyebrows.

Next, use the correction pen to add teeth.  You need to prime the pen and make sure the chalk is dry, otherwise, it will just scrape off the colour.

Now to add the horns or tusks – I am not sure the correct names for them. We opted to use craft foam for this, but equally felt would work well.

Now comes the fun part adding the fur!  We used cut up white feather boas for this and it can be a little bit messy, but it is a lot of fun and rather than glue we opted for glue dots as they do not take any time to dry.

We even gave this one a little beard! before using bakers twine to hang it up.  Can you see the resemblance to Migo?

We enjoyed making them so much that we made a whole fully in different shapes and sizes.

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