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How to make a Smash book (scrapbook) for kids – a step by step guide

The summer is a great time to encourage your kids to scrapbook (or smash book).  Each year we record the holidays and our adventures in our own summer scrapbook.  The new craze is smash booking.  So here is how to smash book with kids. This really just is scrapbooking with no rules which is perfect for kids.

How to make a smashbook

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What is a smash book?

What is a smash book?  it is an unplanned and on-the-move scrapbook is the easiest way to describe it. The principle behind it and the basic elements are quite the same, except for preparation and presentation.

No planning is required for making a smash book. If there is a holiday journey you want to record in a smash book, you simply start pasting pictures and other items on each page each day. In a scrapbook, however, one usually starts making it AFTER the holiday is over.

Kids Smashbook 4

A smash book is a journal in which one pastes pictures, embellishments, memorabilia et al on the go. In a scrapbook, planning is essential.

Smash books do not follow a certain pattern throughout the book. Each page is like a new theme and design. It celebrates “messy”. It is a great activity for those who are not good with arts and crafts. But in a scrapbook, the theme is usually uniform. It also lays great emphasis on creativity and craftsmanship.

A smash book is generally a notebook on which you scribble and paste.  Scrapbooks, however, have pages and layouts pre-planned with a focal point. There is a specific slot for a picture and a fixed spot where you can write. I love smash books for kids as there are no rules, no preset layout or a specific scrapbook album.

What is a Scrapbook? 

Scrapbooks often have a certain layout and focal points and use scrapbook papers and kits.  They stand to be very beautifully arranged and can be quite overwhelming for children.  They are also often 12 by 12 (most scrapbooking supplies are 12-inch square and acid-free including patterned papers and the scrapbook album, which can make them too large for travel and intimidating for kids. 

How to make a smash book for kids

kids smashbook

What you need:

A notebook or you could use a branded Smashbook – UK Link/US Link
Glue, we love Bostik Blu Tack Glue Stick (as the blue is dark and dries clear) UK Link/US Link and the Bostik glue pen for fine work UK Link/US Link
Tape preferably acid free
Paper mementoes

kids smashbook 2

Step by step tutorial

Put together your supplies.  I decided to get everything together into a kit for the boys.   I use a shoebox, that way they can pop it any paper mementoes (such as ticket stubs, maps, patterned papers, newspaper clippings and postcards into the box).  Keeping everything handy makes it simple for us to get it out and keep our smash books updated.  We have coloured paper. tape, scissors, glue sticks and coloured pens in our box.

Print your photo’s.  We print ours on our printer either directly from my phone from the camera.  I pop them straight into our box, we love photos of family members.

Get started – yes it is that simple.  The whole thing about smash books is that they are no rules or specific layouts to follow.  It really is a simplified way to chronicle life’s special moments without the time commitment usually required by scrapbooking.

kids smashbook 3

We tend to sit on an evening after 6pm (our screen-free time) and fill out our books.  I want the boys to understand that there is no right or wrong and they can use their books as they please and just get into the habit of journaling.  We have already created a family recipe book using this method and we love it.

How to make a smash book with kids

Kids really are never too old to make a smash book, Maxi made one when he got back from his skiing holiday with the school.

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