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Don’t you just love how children see the world differently to us adults.  This summer activity was inspired by my childrens love of water and by a walk on the beach watching the surfers with them. This is a great activity where you can make a mini surfboard with your child and their sprinkle of imagination will provide them with hours of fun. Even better they are made with something you would normally throw out.  Read on to find out how to make a toy surfboard or windsurf board that floats!

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We are back sharing another way to make simple everyday objects into something extraordinary, using nothing but our imagination with the Fab Lollies Sprinkles of Imagination campaign.

How to make a toy surfboard

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Polystyrene (we used pizza bases)
Cardboard (we used a Fab lolly box)
Marker pens
Our surfboard template
Duct tape (optional)
Cocktail stick (optional)
Sprinkle of imagination

toy windsurf and suftboard


First off print out our surfboard template and choose the size surfboard you wish to make.  Then trace them on card and cut them out.

Using your templates draw your surfboard on to your polystyrene.

Go wild and decorate your surfboard.  Make sure you use permanent markers, so that the ink doesn’t smudge.

The decoration will be waterproof and your surfboards will float too.

surfboard water 2

We used ours for LEGO Minifigures in the bath!

Surfboard water

They are perfect for fun water play and also a fab hands-on science exploration of water and waves, buoyancy and balance.  We discussed that items could be heavy and still float.  Placing the minifigures on the surfboards was a great fine motor activity for Mini too.  We tried making waves in the bath as you can see from the top image.

Toy Surfboard  17

But they are also a great addition to any small world play. We got some sand and a tray and a selection for toys and Mini played for a good hour or so making up stories. You could even add water to your small play with a bowl of water.

Toy Surfboard 10

We also created some windsurf boards too, by simply adding a sail made from duct tape and a cocktail stick pushed into the polystyrene board.

You can also use the duct tape to decorate the surfboards if you choose too.

Toy Surfboard 5

Download your toy surfboard template


Toy surfboard template

NB: please ensure parental supervision before using any sharp objects

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I am delighted to be working with the iconic Nestle fab® Ice Cream team as part of the Sprinkles of Imagination campaign, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more fun and creative ‘imagination-led’ ideas.

Make sure to visit the fab® site for more information and details of some FabFunday events and a competition to win a family trip to Disney World Florida launching July 1st!

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