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How to make Glitter Feathers

How to make glitter feathers is a paid collaboration with Bostik. These Glitter Feathers are going to be used in a number of this years Christmas decorations, so I wanted to show you how to make them in advance.  Then you can make a headstart with the Christmas crafting.

How to make Glitter Feathers

The secret to doing this and not making a massive glitter mess is being organised and gathering all your materials together in advance.

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  • 4-inch White feathers
  • Bostik Fast Tak Contact Adhesive 
  • Gold Glitter 
  • Parchment paper 
  • Small disposal bowl or paper plate
  • Small pot or cup

Cover your work area with parchment this will protect it from the glue and glitter.  I had an area for spraying, an area for leaving to dry and an area for glittering.

Hold your feather the bottom third with glue spray. I found that preparing four or five was optimum as the glue didn’t set before I got the glitter on.

Holding your feather over a bowl or plate sprinkle with glitter.

Before tapping off the excess and setting on to a sheet of parchment paper. once you have glittered them all gently remove them from the parchment paper and pop them upright into a jar to continue to dry.

I have been delighted with how these turned out. They are so effective and look amazing.  I used different sizes of glitter but prefer the fine one.

Gather your feathers together and make them sparkle with this fabulous DIY glitter feather tutorial.

They would also look wonderful in silver or with iridescent glitter too.

I was prepared to have to overspray the feathers with a protector, but the Fast Tak is a fabulous adhesive and once you tap ff the excess the rest is firmly secured and I have crafted with them without losing loads of glitter.

Christmas or Wedding Decor and much simpler than you think with this DIY Tutorial. ” width=”870″ height=”1304″>

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