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One of the highlights of my days as the boys get older is afternoon tea.  Once they get home from school we sit down to after school snacks and a pot of tea.  I don’t take sugar, however, the MIL always sugared the boys tea and they love adding a sugar lump, so we have mad fun making our own heart shaped sugar cubes.

painted heart shaped sugar cubes

Even better I love the fact that we have my mum’s sugar tongs and bowl and it makes it such an experience.

heart shaped sugar cubes

How to make heart shaped sugar cubes


  1. granulated sugar
  2. water
  3. Heart shaped silicon mould or small cookie cutter.

heart shaped sugar cubes ingredients

How too:

It is really simple to make heart shaped sugar cubes, in fact almost too simple!

heart shaped sugar 1

Fill the mould with sugar and then transfer it to a bowl (this way you only have the right amount of sugar)

Add a teaspoon of water at a time to the granulated sugar and mix.  You want the sugar to be damp enough to come together, but not too wet as it starts to melt.

You can make your cubes colourful by adding a tiny amount of food colour to your water at this stage.

Place the sugar back into the mould before pressing down with your fingers

heart shaped sugar cubes 2

Allow to dry.  You can speed up drying time by popping in an oven at its lowest setting for 10 minutes before allowing it to dry overnight.

heart shaped sugar cubes 3

We wanted to have a go at painting hearts on to our sugar (which is a great fine motor activity) at this stage, so we  added some red food colouring to a small amount of water before painting on a heart with a clean paintbrush.

heart shaped sugar cubes how to