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How to make school shoes last longer

School shoes, we often joke that we need to take out another mortgage to buy them! However, we know that we want what is best for our children and yes that can often mean that they are an investment purchase. My boys are hard on shoes. Mini can ruin a pair of shoes in no time whatsoever, so over the years I have learned how to make school shoes last and I am going to share my tips with you.

the secret to keeping school shoes looking good

Before I share my secrets for making school shoes last, I want to say that it is key to get the best pair for your child.  Last year we used Startrite and the Rhino Warrior Shoes that Mini had lasted all year.  yes ALL YEAR.  They may not have looked as good my June, but they were wearable and that is saying something.

We purchased our shoes at Charles Clinkards , no queuing up in a store, no waiting, no restless children, no whingeing and great fast service.  I think they have been our best pair of school shoes on a cost per wear.

This year we have bought both the boys schools from Charles Clinkards , Mini the Limestone Rhino Warrior shoes with three velcro straps and Maxi  the Rhino Warrior Shoes that Mini had last year.

The secrets for making school shoes last longer


  1. Protect them – give the shoes a good start by giving them a layer of protective spray.
  2. Label them –  chances are other children will have the same school shoes, so make things easy by labelling them, the last thing you want is to lose them.
  3. Air them out – I get the boys to take their school shoes off as soon as they get home this way any moisture or sweat inside the shoe can dry out before the next morning
  4. Dry them out – If their shoes are wet, I stuff them with newspaper or any old paper I have and leave them to dry.  Never dry them in a warm place as this will crack the leather
  5. Remove Dirt – I encourage the boys to wipe their feet, but if they come home muddy then I give the a wipe with a damp rag or even a baby wipe
  6. Clean  and polish – Once a week I clean and polish their shoes.  I use a coloured shoe wax to restore them. After applying the wax with a soft shoe brush, I use a clean rag or cloth to buff the shoes back to a shiny new look. Using a cream conditioner with a soft cloth every couple of months will help to protect the shoe from the elements and prevent the leather from drying out.  I also use a waterproof spray after cleaning them each week.
  7. Deodorise – Once a week after cleaning I pop some bicarbonate of soda in the shoe to take away any smell. Once I knock it out I add a couple of drops of essential oil (I like tea tree or lavender)
  8. Quick fixes – I also have a scuff polish with a sponge applicator that I will use as and when required to keep the shoes looking OK.

the secret to long lasting school schoes

What do you look for in a pair of school shoes and how long do your kids last?  I am glad that the boys feet are not growing as fast as they used to be at 9 and 10 they both have feet one size smaller than mine!

school shoe secrets



Each year I do a back to school linky, which is a great resource for planning and easing back in to school.  This year I am starting it early!


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