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So last week I admitted that I am a terrible saver.  No that isn’t quite right, now I want to save, I just do not have the spare cash.  So I need to save smarter.  So I have been figuring our ways to save for non-savers.  In fact you would be surprised to know that in just one week I have already saved over £200.  Yes £200, so read on to find our more.

Piggy Bank Resting on Laptop Computer Keyboard.

How to save as a non-saver

According to the Aviva Financial Personality Tool I am a Dark Scriver and I working with them to share with you mine (and their) tips for being a #SmartSaver.  I sat down and first I worked out a goal as Aviva suggest and then I figured out some ways to both save money and make some money to save! 

One of the biggest obstacles I face is that our income and expenses are pretty equally balanced, especially with kids in the mix and things breaking.  So I decided that I need to make more money to save money as well as tightening our belts.

learning to be a smarter saver

8 ways for a non-saver to save

  1. Work out your income and expenses.  Yes, it is boring, but by sitting down and going through our bank statements I ended up with a good idea of what we spend and what we spend it on.
  2. Save the pennies.  I always tell my kids that the pennies add up and they really do, so I have started saving my change from my purse and popping it in a piggy bank.
  3. Set a goal.  It is great to have something to strive and aim for.  I love this as it really motivates me.
  4. Make money from your clutter – I decided to clear out things that we didn’t any longer need, specifically books and DVD’s.  2 hours on Sunday and I have boxed up 250 items ready for a courier to collect from on Monday morning and my savings were £180 stronger.
  5. Reduce invisible spending.  For me this was things like the odd magazine and the husbeast paying for lunch at work.  For me, it is all about planning.  I buy a certain magazine every month, so I subscribed to it, which will save me 50% over the year and when I make lunch for Mini, I have started making it for the husbeast too.
  6. Grow your own herbs.  I love using fresh herbs and I am sometimes guilty of buying those little pots for my window sill.  So this year i am going to grow my own.
  7. Go without a TV licence. A TV licence costs £145.50, but do you need one? If you watch catch-up TV you do not need a licence, so BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 on Demand and ITV Player are all free to use if you are watching shows that have already been broadcast. You also do not need a licence for watching DVDs and videos or to stream Netflix.
  8. Drink water.  Tap water is free, so I am going to ensure that we drink tap water if we eat out saving money on drinks.

Piggy Bank Resting on Laptop Computer Keyboard.

So this week I have already put £201.42 into a savings account. But doing this as a one-off things, isn’t going to turn me into a saver, so this year I have set myself the target of saving £200 per month.

Please share with me your tips for ways to save.  I really do need your advice and encouragement as this is NOT my natural state!

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Aviva

13 thoughts on “How to save as a non-saver

  • Muddling Along

    Some great ideas Jen – we struggle to find cash to save so all very good to read. I need to find some time to make cash out of our clutter too, that and having put myself on a no spend month to try and stop the little impulse buys I hope will help me have saved by the end of the year

  • Sarah Ebner

    All good tips. We drink a lot of water, which is good, and I know that taking lunch to work can save money (but sometimes I can’t face making it). I didn’t know about Flubbit though so I am going to look into that. Last year we did a big clear out and raised money through a car boot sale which was great.

  • Sonya Cisco

    SOme great tips – like you I would love to save, but there really isnt much spare and as soon as I put £50 to one side one of the kids will need new shoes or something!

  • Mary Louise

    Great tips here – I did not realise that a TV licence was not needed for catch up TV. Makes sense – a saving for us right there!
    Thank you x

  • Kara

    Well done that is a great amount to save and so quickly. We are barely breaking even at the moment, but I am quite good when we have extra pennies coming in.

  • Kara

    Well done that is a great amount to save and so quickly. We are barely breaking even at the moment, but I am quite good when we have extra pennies coming in.

  • Globalmouse

    I am definitely a non saver but would love to save. Great tips, I’m not sure about the tv licence one though as I really support everything the BBC does and without the licence fee we won’t have some of the other services like great radio. I definitely need to try and curb my Coke Zero habit though, especially with free drinks (water) available all the time!

  • Zara

    Amazing tips! I am a sort-of-saver, as in I will save here and there, use coupons/vouchers, but then splurge on something I don’t really need, but reeeeeally want. Love the tips, and can vouch for the penny jar or piggy bank, we clock up over £30 in just two weeks of ‘anything that isn’t a pound coin’!! xx

  • Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours

    I wish I could save. Some great tips here although we do often do the tap water thing but it’s the unnecessary splurges Where I come undone. Takeaways, toiletries, coffee’s etc that I don’t need. I’m going to try and put a little aside each week x

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