How to Stop Kids Getting Bored on a Family Holiday

“Only boring people get bored”


This was one of the quotes I grew up with and I hear myself saying to the boys, but in todays society I think that you need to teach your children how to not get board.  When I was young we did pretty much what we wanted within set boundaries and there was not a lot of pre planned activities in our day to day life.  However holidays were always different!

So I want to share my top tips with you for preventing your children getting bored on a family holiday.

  1. Take half an hour when you first arrive at your holiday park to show the children around.  Get a map from reception (if they have one) or draw one yourself and highlight the key areas they are allowed to visit, such as the park and also give them clear boundaries.
  2.  Let them explore whilst you unpack
  3. Pack walkie talkies so you do not worry about them getting lost and you can call them back for dinner.  this gives them freedom, but also gives you peace of mind too.  I would not be without our walkie talkies and they have been one of our best purchases, both for at home and for on holiday.
  4. Take an i’m Bored jar with you.
  5. We also pack family board games, card and domino’s.  We try to limit screen time whilst we are on holiday and we love family games night.  The boys will write  league tables and keep a record of who wins what so that we can have a family winner at the end of the holiday.  We introduced the boys to Scrabble and Boggle whist we were on holiday.  It is so much fun to revisit games that you used to play as a child.
  6. Provide your children with an adventure pack with binoculars, compass and handbooks so they can explore the area you are holidaying.
  7. I also pack pencils and colouring pads for creative moments.
  8. Let your child chose a number of new books before you go on holiday.  We have quiet time after dinner and reading is a great way to ensure that children do got get board.
  9. Allow a day or so for decompression, especially if your childrens days are packed with activities at home.  Places such as  Richardson’s Holiday Parks have onsite entertainment.  Click here for more information.
  10. Headphone are essential – my children never agree on music, so I make sure they take headphones with them so they can play their own music in the car.
  11. See if you can take a pup tent, so they can have their own adventures.
  12. Encourage them to make friends.  Take a ball and a kite.  Things like this usually attract all the children nearby and veola friends for the holiday.
  13. Be unselfish with your time.  Children crave the company of their parents.  Holidays are the perfect time to give it to them freely.  Why not join in with them rolling down hills.  You might be surprised d at just how much fun it can me.

I would love to know how you react when you hear “I’m bored”!