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How your eyesight changes in pregnancy

It is amazing how being pregnant can affect you and your body in so many ways.  During both my pregnancies my eyesight changed.

eyesight changes in pregnancy

During my first pregnancy I was unable to get away with wearing my contact lenses.  I wasn’t sure of this was down to dry eyes or the fact that I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  To be honest I felt as though the room was spinning most of the time and I am not sure I could have even put my contact lenses in!

me specs

When I was pregnant with Mini I had to go back to my spec’s again.  I was 6 months in the photo above.  Not only did I have dry eyes, but they were tired too.

Eyesight changes in pregnancy


It seems that I am not alone in having issues with my eyesight during pregnancy as this interesting infographic from Vision Direct UK reveals.

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