Hypersensitivity to touch, otherwise know as taking an hour to put his sock on in the morning 18

Maxi has always had issues from being a baby with tags in his clothes and I have always just unpicked the seam and taken them out, but recently this has been getting much much worse, to the point of it taking an hour each morning to get his socks on as he hates the feel of the seams.


So out of desperation I have bought some seam free socks (although they still have a flat seam) and also started EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with him.  Sue from Positive Parents was kind enough to talk me through the system, which I am also using with Mini to work on his tantrums (but that is another post).

Other things that Maxi really has issues with include:

  • Maxi hates having his hair brushed
  • Tooth brushing can be a real challenge sometimes, even though he is aware of how important it is
  • He always complains his bed covers are too rough (so we now use flannel)
  • Labels in clothes are a big issue
  • He doesn’t like the feel of hats
  • He will not have any zips up near his neck, therefore, coat zips can cause an issue
  • He liked to ensure his hands are always clean

If there are any other mums out there going through similar issues I would love to hear from you.  How do you tackle this without it becoming all consuming?