I am having Eye Surgery 10

Guess what I am having Laser Eye surgery as part of Optical Express’ Team 21.

A couple of weeks ago I made my way to our nearest (well over an hour away, as yes I live in the middle of nowhere) store to have my initial consultation with the Optical Express Team.  Before I tell you more about my consultation, let me tell you I am short sighted and have worn either glasses or contact lenses since I was 20 years old.  I had considered Laser surgery in the past and often do every time I take the boys swimming.  Especially when I lose one in the fog that is my vision!

I was given an appointment at Optical Express and advised that my consultation would take anything from an hour to two hours and that I would have to have drops put in my eyes, which meant that I would be unable to drive for the rest of the day and might find it harder to focus too.  MadDad came with me, but rather than come in to the consultation he took the boys away to keep them occupied.

Initially I had a chat with one of the team and we talked through what happened during surgery and I watched a short (7 minute) video about Optical Express and the surgery types they offered.  I then had a couple of tests including the “pressure test” were a puff of air is blown into each pupil and also a focus test just like I get when I go to the opticians.

I was then transferred to another room to have an optical technician go through an eye test with me.  If you have had a test at an opticians then it is very similar and very though. It was during this point that I had the drops put in my eyes.  Now Mini had already told me that this was a little like having vinegar put in your eyes and will sting and boy he was right.  I also had a yellow dye popped in my eyes.  This was the most uncomfortable part, but the sting was very short and it didn’t last at all.  I then discussed if I was eligible for surgery what type I would need and asked if I had any questions.

To be honest I had lots of questions and the technician answered them all as fully as he could.

And that was my consultation over.  I was not pressured into making a decision there and them and told them that I would go home and make my decision.

Once I was at home, I decided to ring my friend and optician and ask her advice.  After talking to her, I had more questions, but the team at Optical Express were excellent and rang me back with the answers and put my mind at rest.

So I am going to have Lasik Wavefront surgery to correct my vision and yes I am a little anxious, but more than that I am very excited.

10 thoughts on “I am having Eye Surgery

  • Midlife Singlemum

    Good luck! I’m too scared to do it although I’s love to ditch the galsses which I’ve also been wearing since age 20. I did use contacts for many years but I also got scared about them damaging my eyes. I’m a bit of a wimp about these things as you can tell. Looking forward to hearing good news. xx

  • Harriet

    Good for you! I’m with midlife mum above – far too scared although B is desperate to have it done! Good luck!

  • snafflesmummmy

    How exciting. I hope it all goes well and you can watch your boys at swimming soon.

    I would love to have it done. Seeing peoples recent posts has made me decide to start saving up for it.

  • Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Hi Jen, don’t be scared. I had it done just after I got married, 7 years ago, and am so happy I made that decision. I was amzed how quick it was. I had it done in Prague, both eyes at the same time as had to fly back to the UK urgently, and couldn’t believe when I woke up the next morning and my vision has been fantastic since then. Good luck with the surgery ;)))

  • emma wright

    So exciting. I have worn glasses since I was 14 and can’t stand them now. Would love to get it done but am a bit scared and can’t afford it at the moment as it is so much money. Can’t wagt to hear how it goes, emma x

    • Jen Walshaw

      emma wright » I have to say I am very impressed at 24 hours post surgery. Yesterday was scary and exciting in equal measures though

  • Kia @ A View From Here

    Hubby had the same procedure several years ago. He still says it was one of the best things he’s ever done and wishes he had done it earlier.
    He was as good as blind without lenses/glasses (had vision to approx 2″, anything else was just a blur of nothing).
    After I drove him home he slept for about 2 hours and when he woke up the first thing he said was “I can see the sky logo” (a small logo on the sky box that was around 10ft away from him).
    We struggled to keep up with all the drops (2 diff kinds plus artificial tears) – I had to make a spreadsheet so I could tick off each dose every day), but it was OK as we managed to remember most of them. If I recall right it worked out at a dose every 45 mins (when all 3 drops were spread out through the day).
    I’m sure you’ll love the result.

    • Jen Walshaw

      Kia @ A View From Here » It is amazing I woke up this morning with the ability to see! I have FOUR sets of drops, but mine are every four hours with five minutes between three of them and the other in between at 2 hours. I am back tthis afternoon for my check up and approval to drive.

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