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I must be strange

I am sat this morning reading though all the blogs that I love and wondering if I am from a different planet. Everyone is posting about having free time now that the children are back to school and I am feeling decidedly different.

I am very apprehensive about school starting next week, which is why I haven’t blogged about any of the preparations, as it makes it all the more real. MaxiMad will be starting Reception on Monday 8.40am to 3pm and I am bereft for so many reasons

I love spending time with my children
I love the joy and innocence that each day with them brings
I am worried that school will change him – of course it will you silly woman
I am concerned about school lunches – not the food, but the idea of my baby being big enough to carry a tray of food to his table, use his cutlery and actually be large enough to see the choices available!
I am concerned that as he is an energetic boy they will mistake his energy for disruptive behaviour.

This is all compounded by the fact that MiniMad would have been starting preschool the week after, which I have postponed for a month. I have used the excuse that having two boys both doing new things and being very tired would mean more fights and upset in the house, when in truth I have done it to minimise my pain.

People say to me “oh just think about all the free time you are going to have”, but I would rather have the children about and I am sure that my half hearted ” well yes there is that” and “oh I can clean out the wardrobes” have sufficed as an answer, but it just Inst what I wanted to say. I want to shout out load. I LIKE HAVING MY CHILDREN AT HOME WITH ME, IT IS WHERE THEY BELONG. I HAVE ENJOYED THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS. There I have said it!

Anyway I am not going to have any spare time at all, as times are hard financially in TheMadHouse, so I have found a part-time job. very part-time and working from home, so I can still spend my precious hours with my children.

So forgive me if I dont go on about putting labels in school uniform, getting school shoes and the like. I am in a state of complete denial and will deal with all of the fall out on Monday, once I have dropped my very precious child off for his first day of school.

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