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In my heart and in my house

One of the hardest things for me about clearing out mums house if that I have had the urge to keep everything.  Even the things that I used to think were tat and rubbish.  My heart associates all these things with my mum.

Finally we are getting to the end of the long journey of clearing the house of over 35 years of detritus and my niece will be moving in to continue the tradition of the house being a family home.

She will be keeping a lot of the furniture and other stuff, so we haven’t had to deal with clearing everything, but it has been an experience I am not looking forward to repeating any time soon.

I have brought home with me something that really pull on theheartstring, but other people may find odd.  I made pizza bases using my mums rolling pin this week and we will be using mums flour sifter when we next bake.  Yes I have brought some ornements and put them in the unit I also brought from her house, but it is the everyday things that mean the most, the ones that I can user and think of all the times that she used them, baking for her family with love, as I continue to do with the boys.

On the edge of our heath now sits a companion set made by my dad for my mum and I look at it and remember the day he brought it home for their wedding anniversary and on the other side sits the black man that I used to feed as a child and my boys also did the same at mums.  One day I hope if I am lucky enough to have grandchildren they can do the same.

So when you think of your mum, what springs to mind?

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